Invest in Public Safety, Invest in You.

Safety and the perception of safety, impacts all of us.  It has implications for the economic well-being of our businesses.  It affects our property value.  It influences our community’s reputation.  It matters, for overall quality of life for our families. 

The Redondo Beach Police Foundation (RBPF) is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves as a community partner to the Redondo Beach Police Department to help make Redondo Beach, the most innovative and safest city in the region.  By providing resources and support to the Redondo Beach Police Department, the Foundation plays a critical role in taking public safety beyond what our government tax dollars will allow.  Technology is rapidly evolving and equipment gets worn.  Community policing through innovative and creative programs and initiatives require funding.  The Redondo Beach Police Foundation issues grants to our local police department so our men and women in blue have the best training, equipment and programs to perform at their highest level.

Donate today and make a visible difference in the quality of life of Redondo Beach through an investment in public safety. 

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The Redondo Beach Police Foundation is proud to be a community partner to our local police department. Check out the innovative projects the Foundation has supported thus far. Please join us in our efforts to continue to do great things to improve public safety for the Redondo Beach community.