What We Fund

Did you know that 97% of the Redondo Beach Police Department’s budget goes toward salaries and related personnel expenses? That means only 3% of the department budget is available for equipment, technology, training and community focused projects or initiatives to go beyond basic police services.

We don’t want basic. We want the best.  

The Redondo Beach Police Foundation raises funds from the community and accepts grant applications from the Redondo Beach Police Department to issue grants to support the following priorities: 

Advanced Equipment & Technology

RBPF supports innovation in technology and equipment to help the police department keep up with evolving crime trends.  Help us ensure we have a modern police force, equipped to tackle today's challenges as well as tomorrow's concerns.

training & Education

Police officers are challenged with handling a variety of threats in an evolving environment. RBPF supports continuous training and education for Redondo Beach Police Department officers and civilian staff to improve effectiveness in their crime fighting efforts.


Community relations & Outreach

Community Engagement and Community Policing are increasing in importance in today's policing environment.  The Redondo Beach Police Department seeks to build a strong connection and partnership with its community. RBPF is proud to support projects and programs to make this happen.   


youth programs

Prevention is key.  Police officers can be effective role models for our youth when given the opportunity to be involved in outreach programs. RBPF supports youth programs involving police officers or youth programs run by the Redondo Beach Police Department.  


Emergency preparedness & counterterRorism

The threat of terrorism and mass shootings are an unfortunate reality in our society. A major earthquake or storm is another real threat.  RBPF wants to ensure our police department is ready for any emergency and be confidently prepared to respond when we need them.


We want our officers to feel supported by their community. Therefore, RBPF supports events, projects and activities that promote camaraderie between officers, provide recognition for great work and leadership and boost. morale within the department.

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Grant Forms

Please click on the links below to download PDFs of the forms required to successfully initiate a grant.  NOTE: RBPF only accepts grant applications directly from the Redondo Beach Police Department.